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MARZEN/OKTOBERFEST: Rich in malt, with a balance of clean, hop bitterness, similar to the Vienna lager. Toasted bread or biscuit-like malt aroma and flavour is to be expected. Originating in Germany, this style was traditionally brewed in the spring (“Marzen” meaning “March”)and aged, or lagered, throughout the summer. A stronger version was served at early Oktoberfest celebrations and became known as Oktoberfest. Today, the festival’s version of an Oktoberfest is quite a bit lighter than what American craft brewers consider an Oktoberfest.
ABV: 5.1% -6%.  IBU:18-25   SRM: 4-15
FESTBIER: An actual German lager style that came to replace the Märzen lagers served during Oktoberfest in the late twentieth century.Golden in colour and very easy to drink it was developed and pioneered by Paulaner. The brewery debuted it during the festival in the early 1970s. The style appealed to attendees and by the 1990s all the beer served at Oktoberfest was Festbier and Märzen had been officially replaced.

ABV: 6.0% -6.5%.  IBU:18-25   SRM: 4 -7

  • Food Pairings: German Dishes, Grilled Sausages. Chicken, Pizza
  • Cheese Pairings: Gruyere, Jalapeno Jack
  • Glassware: Flute


  • Abandoned Rail Brewing Co ~ Marzen
  • Backcountry Brewing ~ It was the Style at the Time
  • Empty Keg Brew House ~ Mamette Lake Marzen
  • Faculty Brewing ~ Oktoberbier
  • Farm Country Brewing~ Sausage Party German Festbier
  • Herald Street ~ Festbier / Marzen
  • Lakesider Brewing ~ Marzen
  • Marten Brewing ~ Oktoberfest Lager
  • Neighbourhood Brewing ~ Octoberish Festbier
  • Red Collar Brewing ~ Marzen
  • Russell Brewing ~ Marzen
  • Small Gods Brewing ~ Beloved Returns Festbier
  • Smithers Brewing ~ Oktoberfest
  • Strange Fellows ~ Ludwig Fest Bier


KÖLSCH: Low to very low malt aroma, with a grainy-sweet character and a pleasant, subtle fruit aroma. Some yeast strains may give a slight sulphur character. Overall, the intensity of aromatics is fairly subtle but generally balanced, clean, and fresh. Very pale gold to light gold. Very clear (authentic commercial versions are filtered to a brilliant clarity). Has a delicate white head that may not persist.
ABV: 4.4 – 5.2%   IBU: 18-30   SRM: 3.5 -5

Food Pairings:
Cheese Pairings:
Glassware: Kölsch or Flute


  • Angry Hen ~ Kolsch Style
  • Beere Brewing ~ Dave Kolsch
  • Brassneck Brewing ~ Klutz
  • BREWHALL ~ Kol Story Bro Kolsch
  • Bricklayer Brewing ~ Positive Contact Kolsch
  • Bridge Brewing Co ~Wunderbar Kolsch
  • Callister Brewing ~ Kul Daddy Kolsch
  • Copper Brewing ~ Kolsch
  • Empty Keg Brew House ~ Kap’t Krunch Kolsch
  • Five Roads Brewing ~ Langley Gold
  • Foamers Folly ~ Culeko Cucumber Lemongrass Kolsch
  • Kelowna Brewing Co ~ Old Man Kolsch
  • Four Winds Brewing ~ Citizen Kolsch
  • La Cerveceria Astilleros ~ Mango Kolsch
  • Lakesider Brewing ~ Shorecaster Kolsch
  • Land And Sea Brewing ~ Blacktail Kolsch
  • Mt.Begbie Brewing Co~ High Country Kolsch
  • Nelson Brewing ~ Harvest Moon
  • New Tradition Brewing ~ Cure for the Common Kolsch
  • Off The Rail ~ Nur Ein Kolsch
  • Patina Brewing ~ Kolsch
  • Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.~ Analogue 78
  • Red Arrow Brewing ~ Kustom Kolsch
  • Smugglers Trail Caskworks ~ Westcoast Kolsch
  • Spinnakers Brewpub ~ Queen Bee Honey Kolsch
  • Steamworks Beer ~ Kolsch
  • Steel & Oak ~ Commute Kolsch
  • Streetcar Brewing ~ Dry Hopped Kolsch
  • Three Ranges Brewing ~ Mount Robson Kolsch
  • Ucluelet Brewing ~ Seventh Day Kolsch
  • Vice & Virtue ~ Good Neighbour Riesling Kolsch


ALTBIER: Originally from the Düsseldorf area of Germany, the German-Style Altbier strikes a balance between hop and malt flavours and aromas, but can have low fruity esters and some peppery and floral hop aromas. Before Germany had lager beer, it had ales. Alt, meaning “old,” pays homage to one rebel region in Germany which did not lean into lagering. U.S. producers celebrate the ale revolution beautifully with this top-fermented German beer style.
ABV:4.6% – 5.6%   IBU:25 – 52   SRM:11-19
 Vienna Lager ranges from copper to reddish brown in colour. The beer is characterized by a malty aroma and slight malt sweetness. The malt aroma and flavour should have a notable degree of toasted and/or slightly roasted malt character. Hop bitterness is low to medium-low.
ABV:4.5% – 5.5%   IBU:22 – 28   SRM:12-16
GERMAN – STYLE HELLES: “Helles” means “pale in colour,” as these beers are often golden. The German-style Helles lager is a bit rounder or fuller-bodied than light lager and even all-malt pilsners. Helles lager beers offer a touch of sweetness that balance a measurable addition of spicy German hop flavour and light bitterness. The malt character is soft and bready, making it a terrific complement to light dishes such as salad or fresh shellfish, like clams. Clean and crisp, this is a refreshing beer with substance. Low levels of yeast-produced sulphur aromas and flavours may be common.ABV:4.8% – 5.6%   IBU:18 – 25   SRM:5 – 6

Food Pairings: Bratwursts, Spicy chicken wings, Fish & Chips
Cheese Pairings: Mild Pepper Jack, Gruyere. Mild cheeses
Glassware: Flute


  • Angry Hen Brewing Ctrl -Alt-Del (Alt)
  • Another Beer Co – I’m Vienna you idiot
  • Backcountry Brewing~ Sick Day Helles Lager
  • Electric Bicycle Brewing – The Wobbly Code
  • Howl Brewing – Vienna Lager
  • Hoyne Brewing – Vienna Amber lager
  • Kelowna Brewing Co – Oktoberfest Amber Lager
  • Loudmouth Brewing – YXX Vienna Lager
  • Mariner Brewing – Schnitzel Season Vienna Lager
  • Moody Ales & Co – Vienna Amber Lager
  • Persephone Brewing – Oktoberfest Lager
  • Slowhand Beer Co – Munich Helles
  • Slowhand Beer Co ~ Vienna Lager
  • Sooke Brewing Co – Vienna Lager
  • Studio Brewing – Commute Altbier
  • Trading Post – Helles Lager 
  • Whitetooth Brewing – Hansi Helles Munich Lager


FRSH HOP / WET HOP: So, what is the difference between a fresh hop beer and a wet hop beer? These two terms describe the same thing. Fresh hop, wet hop, and green hop all refer to beer brewed using hops that are fresh off the hop bine and have not been dried or processed. There is no real definition, but most agree that in order to call a beer “fresh hop” it must be brewed using hops that are less than 24 hours off the bine.
ABV: Varies IBU: Varies SRM: Varies

Food Pairings: Spicy sushi
Cheese Pairings: Blue cheese
Glassware: Tulip


  • Angry Hen Brewing – Fresh Hop Kellerbier
  • Barnside Brewing – Fresh Hop IPA
  • Bridge Brewing – Fresh Hop 
  • Bright Eye Brewing – Fresh Prince
  • Category 12 Brewing – Fresh Hop IPA
  • Cannery Brewing – Fresh Hop West Coast IPA
  • Container Brewing – Fresh Hop Grisette
  • Dageraad Brewing – Wet-Hopped Blonde Ale
  • Driftwood Brewery – Sartori IPA
  • Faculty Brewing – Cascade Fresh Hopped Sour 
  • Farm Country Brewing – Hoppy Tanked Fresh Hopped Golden Ale 
  • Flashback Brewing – Hop Train IPA
  • Hoyne Brewing Company – Wolf Vine
  • Jackknife Brewing – Dying Wish IPA
  • Main Street Brewing – Screaming Sasquatch Fresh Hop Tart IPA
  • Moon Under Water – Friends in High Places 
  • Neighbourhood – Freshie Fresh Fresh IPA
  • Off The Rail – Whirl Wind Fresh Hop IPA
  • Parallel 49 Brewing – Cashmere Comet IPA
  • Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.  – Green Reaper IPA
  • R&B Brewing – Fresh Hopped Stolen Bike lager
  • Red Arrow Brewing – Sunset Empire Fresh Hop IPA
  • Whistle Buoy Brewing – Homegrown SMASH IPA
  • Yellow Dog Brewing – New Tricks Hazy IPA & Alpha Dog Pale Ale 


AMERICAN: A substantial Pilsner that can stand up to the classic European Pilsners, but exhibits less flavour, hops and bitterness than its European counterparts. Generally has medium-low to medium sweet malt flavour.
ABV: 3.8% – 5.6%   IBU: 25 – 40   SRM: 3 –6
CZECH: A light-bodied, rich, refreshing, hoppy, bitter pale lager with a light to moderate spicy or herbal hop bouquet. Kight gold to deep gold colour. Brilliant to very clear, with a long-lasting creamy white head. Bitterness is lingering and carbonation is high.
ABV: 3 – 4/1% IBU: 20 -35. SRM: 3 – 6
GERMAN: A light-bodied, bitter German beer showing excellent head retention and an elegant, floral and herbal hop aroma. Crisp, clean, and refreshing. Moderate and pronounced European noble hop aroma. Straw to light gold, brilliant to very clear, with a creamy, long-lasting white head.
ABV:4.4 – 5.4%.  IBU: 22-40   SRM: 2 – 5
ITALIAN: Similar in colour and body to the German style, but using dry hop additions for maximum aroma without imparting bitterness.
ABV:4.2 – 5.6%.  IBU: 8-40   SRM: 2.5 – 5

Food Pairings: Fish, poultry or roasted pork, fish & chips, sushi, Chinese food
Cheese Pairings: Goat cheeses, Mozzarella, Italian cheese
Glassware: Pilsner


  • Angry Hen Brewing – Happy Pills
  • Another Beer Co – Bella Beera – Italian Pilsner
  • Backcountry Brewing – RidgeRunner Pilsner
  • Barkerville Brewing Co.- Prospector’s Pilsner
  • Bad Tattoo Brewing – Vagabond Pilsner
  • Bomber Brewing – Local Heroes Double Pilsner
  • Cannery Brewing ~ Italian Style Pilsner
  • Fernie Brewing Company – Project 9 Pils
  • Four Winds Brewing Co.- Huftgold German-style Pilsner
  • Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks – Pixel Pils 
  • Gladstone Brewing Co. – Czech Pilsner
  • House of Funk ~ Italian Pilsner
  • Lighthouse Brewing ~ Kapitan Czech Pilsner
  • Luppolo Brewing – La Piazza Italian Pilsner 
  • Parkside Brewery – Dawn Pilsner
  • Patina Brewing – Italian Pilsner
  • Persephone Brewing Company – Amarillo Pilsner
  • Russell Brewing Company – Eastern Promise Czech Pilsner
  • Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse Ltd.- Coast Mountain Pilsner
  • Slackwater Brewing – Fiume Bianco Italian Pilsner
  • Small Gods Brewing ~ Neverending
  • Storm Brewing – Precipitation Pilsner
  • Three Ranges Brewing Company – Upswift Creek Pilsner
  • Twa Dogs – Keekin Glass Pilsner
  • Unleashed Brewing ~ Off the Chain Pilsner
  • Wildeye Brewing – Czech Pilsner


AMERICAN LAGER: American lager has little in the way of hop and malt character. A straw to gold, very clean and crisp, and highly carbonated. Brilliant to clear in appearance.
ABV: 4.1% – 5.1%. IBU: 5 – 19 SRM: 3 -12
LIGHT LAGER: These beers are high in carbonation. Hop attributes, though subtle, are more evident than in traditional American-Style Light Lager. Very light to medium amber. Light body in body and calories but not colour.
ABV: 2.8% – 5.0%. IBU: 4 -20. SRM: 1.5 – 8

Food Pairings: Fried foods, grilled cheese sandwiches, Mac & cheese, pizza
Cheese Pairings: Mild cheddar, Havarti, mozzarella
Glassware: Flute


  • Bad Tattoo Brewing ~ Bad Light
  • Batch 44 Brewery ~ Medusa Lager
  • Barley Mill Brewpub ~ Classic Lager
  • Bomber Brewing ~ Skyline Lager
  • Dageraad Brewing ~ Dagerlaager
  • Deep Cove Brewing ~ Deep Cove Lager
  • Dog Mountain Brewing ~ Long Lost Lager
  • Electric Bicycle ~ The Wobbly Code
  • Four Winds Brewing ~ Elementary Lager
  • Howe Sound Brewing ~ Lager
  • Main Street Brewing ~ Secret Krush Lager
  • Neighbourhood Brewing ~ Lifelong Lite Lager
  • Parallel 49 ~ Classic Lager
  • Red Truck Brewing ~ Road Trip Classic lager
  • Russell Brewing ~ Craft Light Lager
  • Steamworks Brewing ~ Lions Gale Lager
  • Steel & Oak ~ Simple Things
  • Tapworks Brewing ~ Crispy Buoy
  • Unleashed Brewing ~ Little Miss Lager
  • Vancouver Island Brewing ~ Islander Lager / Lighter Side
  • Wild North Brewing ~ Mt Loki Lager


DUNKEL: Characterized by depth, richness, and complexity typical of darker Munich malts. Deeply bready-toasty, often with chocolate-like flavours in the freshest examples, a decidedly malt-balanced beer, yet still easily drinkable. Aroma is rich, elegant, and has deep malt sweetness, typically like bread crusts (often toasted bread crusts). Hints of chocolate, nuts, caramel, and/or toffee are also acceptable, with fresh traditional versions often showing higher levels of chocolate. Deep copper to dark brown, often with a red or garnet tint. Creamy, light to medium tan head.
ABV: 4.5% – 5.6%   IBU: 18 -28   SRM:14-28
DUNKELWEIZEN: A moderately dark, spicy, fruity, malty, refreshing wheat-based ale. Reflecting the best yeast and wheat character of a hefeweizen blended with the malty richness of a Munich Dunkel
ABV: 4.3% – 5.6%   IBU: 10 – 18   SRM: 14-23
SCHWARZBIER: Sometimes called black lagers, they may remind some of the German-style dunkels, but they are drier, darker, and more roast-oriented. They have a mild roasted malt character without the associated bitterness. Light brown to very dark, with a low hop aroma,
ABV: 3.8% – 4.9%   IBU: 22 – 30   SRM: 25 – 30

Food Pairings: BBQ pork, Roasted meats
Cheese Pairings: Rich cheeses like gruyere
Glassware: Flute or Pokal


  • 33 Acres ~ 33 Acres of Darkness
  • Brassneck ~ Schwartztechnik
  • Fern + Cedar ~ Moonlit Dark Ale
  • Field House Brewing ~ Nordic Dark Lager / Toasted Coconut Black Lager
  • Moon Under Water ~ Creepy Uncle Dunkel
  • Longwood Brewery ~ Steam Punk Dunkel
  • New Tradition Brewing ~ Liquid Tuxedo Schwartzbier
  • Overtime Brewing ~ Dunkelweizen
  • Persephone Brewing ~ Black Lager
  • Slow Hand Beer Co ~ Timavy Oivo 13
  • Spinnakers Brewpub ~ Black Lager
  • Steel & Oak ~ Dark Lager
  • Swans Brewing ~ Alt Dark Dunkel
  • Tailout Brewing ~ Dunkelweizen
  • Trading Post Brewing ~ Slam Dunkel
  • Vancouver Island Brewing ~ Dominion Dark Lager
  • Whistler Brewing ~ Winter Dunkel
  • Wildeye Brewing ~ Czech Dark Lager


BLONDE/GOLDEN ALES: Straw to light amber in colour. A chill haze should be absent. Hop aroma is low to medium-low, present but not dominant. Light malt sweetness is present. Hop flavour is low to medium-low, present but not dominant. Hop bitterness is low to medium. Fruity esters may be perceived but not predominant. The body is crisp, low to medium. Round and smooth, and easy drinking!
ABV: 4.1-5.5%   IBU:15-28   SRM:3-7

Food Pairings: Spaghetti and meatballs
Cheese Pairings: Monterey Jack
Glassware: Tulip


  • Abandoned Rail Brewing ~ Goldenauer
  • Alberni Brewing – Mill Town Blonde
  • Backroads Brewing – El Dorado Golden Ale
  • Bad Tattoo Brewing  – ACP Golden
  • Barley Station – Station House Blonde
  • Beach Fire Brewing – Beach Blonde Ale
  • Beards Brewing – Blonde Beard
  • Black Kettle – Sourdough Golden Ale
  • Dageraad Brewing – Belgian Blonde
  • Fox Mountain Brewing – Hillbilly Blonde
  • Mayne Island – Blonde Ale
  • North Point Brewing – North Point Strawberry Blonde
  • Old Yale Brewing  – Knotty Blonde
  • Overtime Beer Works – Mountain Standard Golden Ale
  • Persephone Brewing Company – Goddess Golden Ale
  • Ravens Brewing Company – Golden Ale
  • Red Collar Brewing – Blonde
  • Strange Fellows Brewing – Goldilocks Belgian Blonde
  • Tailout Brewing – Bombi Blonde
  • Tapworks – Blonde Logger
  • Tin Whistle Brewing Company – Coyote Blonde
  • Tofino Brewing Company – Blonde
  • Townsite Brewing – Zunga Blonde
  • Twin Sails – Good Clean Fun
  • Unleashed Brewing – Luna-Tic Blonde Ale
  • Welton Brewing – Guilden Sutton Golden Ale 
  • Wheelhouse Brewing Company – Gillnetter Golden Ale
  • Wild North Brewing – Goat River Golden Ale 


CREAM ALES: Pale straw to moderate gold colour. Low to medium head with medium to high carbonation. Brilliant, sparkling clarity. Low to medium-low hop bitterness. Low to moderate maltiness and sweetness. Neither malt nor hops dominate the palate. The finish is dry to faintly sweet. Despite being called an ale, when being judged in competitions it is acceptable for brewers to use lager yeast.
ABV: 4.2 – 5.7%   IBU: 8 – 22   SRM: 2.5 – 5
DARK MILD: Copper to dark brown or mahogany colour. Low to moderate off-white to tan head. Generally, a malty beer, with a wide range of malt flavours (e.g., caramel, toffee, toast, nutty, chocolate). Malt and caramel are part of the flavour and aroma profile of the English-style mild while liquorice and roast malt tones may sometimes contribute as well. Hop bitterness is very low to low. U.S. brewers are known to make lighter-coloured versions as well as the more common “dark mild.
ABV: 4.3- 5.7%   IBU: 10 – 24   SRM: 12 – 34

Food Pairings: grilled Shellfish/ beer stew
Cheese Pairings: Monterey Jack, Aged gouda
Glassware: Nonic pint / Flute


  • A-Frame Brewing ~ Okanagan Lake Cream Ale
  • Ace Brewing – Kitty Hawk Honey Cream Ale
  • Andina Brewing Company – Melcocha Mild Ale
  • Batch 44 Brewing – Ambrosia Cream Ale
  • Bowen Island Brewing Company – Irish Cream Ale
  • Erie Creek – Out Cold Cream Ale
  • Gladstone Brewing – Cream Ale
  • Kettle River Brewing Co.– Mild 1832
  • Land and Sea Brewing – Glacier Cream Ale
  • LoveShack Libations – Crafty Cream Ale
  • Mariner Brewing – Cream Ale
  • Millstream Brewing Co – Tootie Cream ale
  • Mt. Begbie Brewing Co.– Cream Ale
  • Northpaw Brewing – C.R.E.A.M. Ale
  • Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. – Slipstream Cream Ale
  • R&B Brewing – Raven Cream Ale
  • Ravens Brewing Company – Old Familiar English Dark Mild
  • Red Collar Brewing – Mr Bloggins Dark Mild Ale 
  • Riot Brewing – Working Class Hero Dark Mild
  • Russell Brewing Company – Cream Ale
  • Smugglers Trail ~ Invictus
  • Tin Whistle Brewing – Peach Cream Ale 
  • Torchlight Brewing Co. – Mild in May
  • Welton Brewing – Mickle Trafford Mild 


AMERICAN STYLE: These are some of the most approachable beers and the versatility of wheat beer allows it to be combined with a variety of ingredients or enjoyed on its own alongside a wide variety of food options. The large portion of wheat malt used to brew wheat beer lends a lighter, distinctive experience compared to beers brewed with barley exclusively.
ABV: 3.5% – 5.6%   IBU:10 – 35.  SRM: 2 – 10
BELGIAN STYLE WITBIER: This style is brewed using unmalted wheat, sometimes oats and malted barley. Witbiers are spiced with coriander and orange peel. A style that dates back hundreds of years, it fell into relative obscurity until it was revived by Belgian brewer Pierre Celis in the 1960s. This style is currently enjoying a renaissance, especially in the American market. “Wit” means “white.”
ABV: 4.8%  – 5.6%  IBU: 10-17.  SRM: 2 – 4
GERMAN-STYLE HEFEWEIZEN: This style is straw to amber in colour and brewed with at least 50 per cent malted wheat. The aroma and flavour of a weissbier come largely from the yeast and are decidedly fruity (banana) and phenolic (clove). The intensity of these wildly different flavour qualities varies, but the two are most commonly balanced. Hefeweizen typically contains a low to moderate alcohol content and is considered to be the most popular amongst the German weissbier variety.
ABV:4.9% – 5.6%   IBU:10 – 15.  SRM: 3 – 9

Food Pairings: Seafood/Frites
Cheese Pairings: Mascarpone/Chevre
Glassware: American -Flute/ Belgian Tulip/ German – Vase or wheat glass


  • 33 Acres Brewing ~ 33 Acres of Sunshine
  • Abandoned Rail Brewing ~ Red Hef
  • Barley Mill Brewpub – Cayuse Wheat Ale 
  • Batch 44 Brewing – Belle Moustache Wheat Ale
  • Black Kettle Brewing – Harbourside Hefe
  • Callister Brewing – Hastings Sunrise Wheat Ale 
  • Cannery Brewing – Okanagan Daze
  • Deep Cove Brewing – Watershed Witbier
  • Dog Mountain Brewing – Lil Wit
  • Fernie Brewing – What the Huck
  • Howe Sound Brewing – King Heff
  • Hoyne Brewing – Entre Nous
  • Monkey 9 Brewing – Orange U -Wit
  • Mount Arrowsmith Brewing – Comfortably Chum
  • Mountainview Brewing – First Blood Orange wheat ale
  • Old Yale – Moon Dance Mango Wheat
  • Parallel 49 Brewing – Jerkface 9000
  • Parkside Brewing – Dim Wit
  • Rusted Rake ~ Willem Wets his Whistle
  • Rustic Reel Brewing – Rosenheim Hefeweizen
  • Strange Fellows Brewing – Jongleur
  • Trail Beer Refinery – Holy Hefeweizen
  • Twin City Brewing – Swedish Gymnast Wheat
  • Ursa Minor Brewing – Lost Viking


FRUIT BEERS: A harmonious marriage of fruit and beer, but still recognizable as a beer. The distinctive aromatics associated with the fruit should be noticeable in the aroma. Fruit beers may have some haze or be clear. The head may take on some of the colour of the fruit. The distinctive flavour character associated with the fruit should be noticeable and may range in intensity from subtle to aggressive. Mouthfeel may vary depending on the base beer selected and as appropriate to that base beer. Body and carbonation levels should be appropriate to the declared base beer style. Smaller and darker fruit has a tendency to add a tannic depth that should overwhelm the base beer. Overall balance is the key to fruit beer. The fruit should complement the original style and not overwhelm it.

ABV: 2.5 – 12%.  IBU: 5 – 45.  SRM: 5 -50

Food Pairings: Salads
Cheese Pairings: Creamy cheeses
Glassware: Tulip


  • 4 Mile Brewing – Tangerine Dream
  • Andina Brewing – Grapefruit Juniper Pale Ale 
  • Boardwalk Brewing – Strawberry Passionfruit Sour
  • Bomber Brewing – Park Life Passion Fruit Ale
  • Bridge Brewing ~ Bourbon Blood Orange wheat ale
  • Camp Beer Co – Forager series
  • Cannery  Brewing – Thornless Blackberry Porter
  • Dageraad Brewing – Velour Toboggan – Raspberry
  • Fieldhouse Brewing – Fruit IPA Series
  • Foamers Folley – Raspberry Honey Hefeweizen
  • Fuggles & Warlock – Mango Wit / Strawberry Wit
  • Giants Head ~ Razzle Dazzle
  • Ile Sauvage – Raspberry Golden Sour
  • Land & Sea – Strathcona Sour Cherry
  • Longwood – Berried alive Raspberry Ale
  • Parallel 49 – Tricycle Grapefruit Radler
  • Ravens Brewing – EXPLORE BC Peach Farmhouse Ale
  • Red Arrow ~ Invasion of the Blackberry Lager
  • Russell Brewing – Blackberry Ale
  • Rustic Reel ~ Raspberry Hibiscus Sour
  • Spinnakers Brewpub – Raspberry Lager
  • Storm Brewing ~ Pineapple Paradise Pilsner
  • Tin Whistle – Peach Cream Ale
  • Torchlight Brewing – Rhubarbarian
  • Townsite Brewing – Blackberry Festivale
  • Twin Sails Brewing – Would Crush
  • Whistler Brewing ~ Grapefruit Ale


BERLINER WEISSE: Low in alcohol, refreshingly tart, and often served with a flavoured syrup like Woodruff or raspberry, the Berliner-style Weisse presents a harmony between yeast and lactic acid. These beers are very pale in colour and may be cloudy as they are often unfiltered. Hops are not a feature of this style, but these beers often showcase esters. Traditional versions often showcase Brettanomyces yeast. Bitterness, alcohol, and residual sugar are very low, allowing the beer’s acidity, white bread, and graham cracker malt flavours to shine. Carbonation is very high, adding to the refreshment factor this style delivers. May have additions of fruit.

ABV: 2.8-3.8%   IBU: 3-8   SRM: 2-4

Food Pairings: French fries, pretzels
Cheese Pairings: Havarti
Glassware: Goblet


  • Another Beer Co ~ Florida Weisse
  • Barkerville Brewing ~ Claim Jumper
  • BREWHALL ~ Berliner Weisse (collab with East Van Brewing )
  • Coast Mountain Brewing ~ Fruit Snack Blackberry Lime Berliner Weisse
  • Foamers Folly ~ Tart Amarillo
  • Ile Sauvage ~ Achtung Berliner Weisse
  • Vice & Virtue ~ Love Potion Raspberry Berliner Vice
  • Wild Ambition ~ Kelowner Weisse

GOSE (pronounced Gose-uh)

GOSE: A highly carbonated, tart and fruity wheat ale with a restrained coriander and salt character and low bitterness. Light fruity aroma with light sourness & slight sharpness. May have additions of fruit.
ABV: 4.2-4.8%.  IBU:5-12   SRM: 3-4

Food Pairings: Ceviches, fruit salads
Cheese Pairings: Fresh goat cheese, Queso Fresco
Glassware: Flutes or goblets


  • 33 Acres ~ Mezcal Gose
  • Barn Owl Brewing ~ Canada Gose
  • Bayview Brewing ~ Down By The Bay Watermelon Gose
  • Callister Brewing ~ Cuban Taxi Guava Gose
  • Coast Mountain ~ Let’s See How It Gose
  • Driftwood Brewing ~ Cry Me A River
  • Fernie Brewing ~ First Ascent Gose
  • Field House Brewing ~ Sour Wheat Gose
  • Foamers Folly ~ This Little Piggy Gose
  • Ile Sauvage ~ Melon A Trois Gose
  • La Cerverceria ~ Hibiscus Gose
  • Locality Brewing ~ Whimsical Orange Guava Gose
  • Persephone Brewing ~ Hibiscus Gose
  • Ravens Brewing ~ Corvus Lingonberry Lime
  • R&B Brewing ~ Dill Pickle Gose
  • Strange Fellows ~ Botanik Gin Gose
  • Townsite Brewing ~ Passionfruit Gose
  • Twa Dogs Brewing ~ Love Gose Round
  • Wild Eye Brewing ~ Strawberry Cardam Gose


FARMHOUSE ALES: Ales have been brewed on farms for almost the length of human rural history. At one time most beers in Europe were farmhouse ales and every country had its own regional or even local recipe. Saison is a type of Farmhouse Ale, one of many styles within a more significant category.
SAISONS: A pale, refreshing, highly-attenuated, moderately-bitter, moderate-strength Belgian ale with a very dry finish. Saisons are straw to light amber in colour with a chill or slight yeast haze. Malt aroma & flavour is low but provides a foundation to create overall balance. Hop aroma and bitterness are also low to medium and characterized by floral, herbal, or woody notes. Fruity and spicy black pepper attributes derived from Belgian yeast are common. Saisons are often bottle conditioned contributing to some yeast character and high carbonation. 
ABV: 3.5 – 9.5%   IBU: 20 – 35   SRM:5 – 22
GRISETTE: This style is a light-bodied, highly effervescent, very pale Belgian table beer brewed with wheat. It’s a Belgian historical style dating back to the late 18th Century. It was brewed to be a refreshing, thirst-quenching beer for Belgian miners after a long day’s work. Where Saison is said to have been brewed for farmhands, The Grisette style was brewed for coal workers during the industrial revolution. Stylistically, this beer should have a very pale straw colour with an alcohol level between 3 to 5% ABV. Bitterness is restrained but present,  but late hopping can give it a beautiful floral complexity.
ABV: 3.1 – 3.9%   IBU: 20 – 30  SRM: 3 – 10

Food Pairings: Asian dishes, Roasted chicken, duck or pork
Cheese Pairings: Brie, Camembert
Glassware: Tulip / Goblet


  • A- Frame Brewing ~ Kalmalka Lake Saison
  • Another Beer Co ~ Dual Citizen
  • Backroads Brewing – Saison
  • Beard Brewing  – FSJ Saison
  • Brassneck Brewing  –  Stockholm Syndrome
  • Bridge Brewing Company – Lemon Gin Saison
  • Britannia Brewing – Sirens Chai Saison
  • Boardwalk Brewing – A New Light Saison
  • Category 12 Brewing – Unsanctioned Saison
  • Container Brewing – Pour Les Mineurs Grisette
  • Dageraad Brewing – Lake City Farmhouse Ale
  • Driftwood Brewery –  Farmhand Saison
  • Dog Mountain Brewing – Belgian Saison
  • East Vancouver Brewing – The Jive House Ale
  • Empty Keg Brew House – Brhubarb Saison
  • Four Winds Brewing Co. – Saison / La Maison
  • Field House Brewing Co. – Field Saison
  • Fraser Mills – Sasmat Cake Saison
  • Fox Mountain Brewing – Voulez-Vous Saison
  • Grist & Mash Brewing ~ Grisette
  • House of Funk Brewing – Bootsy Farmhouse IPA
  • Howl Brewing – Blueberry Saison
  • Ile Sauvage – Papillon Saison
  • Jackknife Brewing – Arcane Lithuanian Farmhouse Ale 
  • Old Abbey Ales – Dry-Hopped Saison
  • Riot Brewing – Saison of the Witch
  • Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse Ltd. – Skeena Sunshine Saison
  • Strange Fellows Brewing – Bayard Farmhouse Saison
  • Studio Brewing – New World Saison
  • Townsite Brewing ~ Shelterpoint Saison
  • Trading Post Brewing – SMASH Saison
  • Twa Dogs – Lavender Saison
  • Ursa Minor Brewing – Haskap Saison
  • Wild Eye Brewing – Saison
  • Yellow Dog Brewing – Go Fetch Dry Hopped Saison


BELGIAN PALE/BLONDE: These beers are often brewed with light-coloured Belgian candy sugar. Herbs and spices are sometimes used to delicately flavor these strong ales. These beers can be malty in overall impression or dry and highly attenuated. They can have a deceptively high alcohol character and a relatively light body for beers of high alcoholic strength. Some versions may be equally high in alcohol with a more medium body.
ABV: 5.0 – 7.9%.  IBUs: 15 – 40   SRM: 2– 7
BELGIAN DUBBEL: A deep reddish-copper, moderately strong, malty, complex, dark or dried fruit esters, and light alcohol blended together in a malty presentation that still finishes fairly dry. Aroma is complex, rich-sweet malty aroma, possibly with hints of chocolate, caramel and/or toast (but never roasted or burnt aromas). Generally clear with a large, dense, and long-lasting creamy off-white head. 
ABV: 6.0 – 7.9%.  IBUs: 15 – 35   SRM: 16 – 36
BELGIAN TRIPEL: A pale, somewhat spicy, dry, ale with a pleasant rounded malt flavour and firm bitterness. Quite aromatic, with spicy, fruity, and light alcohol notes Generous spicy, peppery, sometimes clove-like phenols. The malt character is light, with a soft, slightly grainy-sweet or slightly honey-like impression. Good clarity. Effervescent. Long-lasting, creamy, rocky, white head resulting in characteristic Belgian lace on the glass as it fades.
ABV: 7.5 – 9.5%.  IBUs: 20 – 40   SRM: 4.5 – 7
BELGIAN DARK STRONG (QUAD): A dark, complex, very strong Belgian ale with a delicious blend of malt richness, dark fruit flavours, and spicy elements. Deep amber to deep coppery-brown in colour (Huge, dense, moussy, persistent cream- to light tan-coloured head. The malt can have a deep bready-toasty quality often with a deep caramel complexity. The fruity esters can contain raisin, plum, dried cherry, fig or prune notes. The finish should not be heavy or syrupy.
ABV 7% – 12%   IBU 20 – 50   SRM 3 – 10

Food Pairings: Smoked meats, Battered shrimp. tempura
Cheese Pairings: Brie, Camembert, washed rind cheeses
Glassware: Tulip / Goblet


  • 33 Acres Brewing  – 33 Acres of Euphoria
  • Category 12 ~ Anomaly Belgian
  • Category 12 ~ Dichotomy – Belgian Triple
  • Container Brewing ~ Dark Arts – Belgian Quad
  • Container Brewing – Tapestry – Belgian Tripel
  • Dageraad Brewing – Burnabarian 
  • Dageraad Brewing – Antwerpen Belgian style Tripel
  • Dageraad Brewing – 10 Degrees – Belgian-style Quad
  • Dog Mountain Brewing – BEES! Belgian style ale
  • Four Winds Brewing – Triplicity
  • Four Winds Brewing – Quadrennial
  • Gladstone Brewing ~ Belgian Single
  • Howe Sound – Belgian Pale Ale
  • Luppolo Brewing – Precursor Belgian Dubbel
  • Mayne Island Brewing – Little Hell Belgian Tripel
  • Red Collar – Belgian Dubbel, Belgian Tripel
  • Sooke Brewing ~ Belgian Blond
  • Strange Fellows Brewing – Goldilocks
  • Townsite Brewing – Charleston Belgian Tripel
  • Townsite Brewing – Cardena Belgian Quad
  • Whitetooth Brewing – Directissima  Dubbel 
  • Whitetooth Brewing – Icefields Belgian Inspired Pale Ale 
  • Whitetooth Brewing – Trepanation Tripel 


SOURS: This category contains the traditional sour beer styles of Europe that are still produced, many (but not all) with a wheat component. Most have low bitterness, with the beer’s sourness providing the balance that hop bitterness would otherwise contribute. Some are sweetened or flavoured. The aroma will be variable by base style. The contribution of non-Saccharomyces microbes should be noticeable to strong and often contribute a sour and/or funky, wild note with a range of aromatics, rather than a single dominant character.
ABV: Variable / IBU: Variable / SRM: 1-40
WILD: A sour and/or funky version of a fruit, herb, or spice beer, or a wild beer aged in the wood. The sour character from the fruit and wild fermentation could be prominent, but should not be overwhelming—generally a light body, lighter than what might be expected from the base style. Generally moderate to high carbonation.
ABV: / IBU: / SRM: All Variable

Food Pairings: Spicy foods -chilli, Mexican or fatty meats (rib eye)
Cheese: Strongly flavoured cheeses, creamy cheeses
Glassware: Tulip /Goblet


  • Angry Hen Brewing ~ Twist My Arm
  • Beere Brewing – Pinky Tuscadero Lemonade Sour
  • Brassneck Brewing – Mr Natural (Brett) 
  • Camp Beer Co – The Forager Sour Series
  • Cannery Brewing – Sunblink Series
  • Category 12 Brewing – Dry-Hopped Sour
  • Coast Mountain Brewing – Piccolo Sour
  • Container Brewing – Hey Dreamer 
  • Copper Brewing ~ Black Currant Sour
  • Dageraad Brewing – Entropy Series #12 
  • Driftwood Brewery — Raised by Wolves
  • Electric Bicycle Brewing – Alligator Aid Sour
  • Farm Country Brewing – Countryside Kettle Sour
  • Farmhouse Brewing ~ Passionfruit & Guava Smoothie Sour
  • Field House Brewing Co.- Whiskey Sour Ale
  • Five Roads Brewing – Double Whammy Passionfruit Mango Sour
  • Flashback Brewing ~ Times Stands Still
  • Foamers Folly – Four Barrel-Aged Golden Sour 
  • Four Winds Brewing Co. – Juxtapose IPA
  • House Of Funk – Funk Juice-Blackberry & Peach Sour
  • Ile Sauvage – Raspberry Golden Sour
  • Main Street Brewing- Fruit Bomb Kettle Sour
  • Mariner Beer – Venture Sour series
  • Moon Under Water – Blueberry Pie Sour 
  • Powell Brewery- Blackberry Belle
  • Strange Fellows Brewing– Hedgerow (Brett) 
  • Strathcona Beer Company – Love Buzz Sour series
  • Storm Brewing – Flanders Red
  • Vice & Virtue – Fool’s Paradise-D/H Sour
  • Wild Ambition- Enough and to spare rhubarb sour


SESSION BEERS: This style is not defined by flavours or aromas, which can place it in almost any style category. Instead, what makes a session beer is primarily refreshment and drinkability. Any style of beer can be made lower in strength than described in the classic style guidelines. The goal should be to reach a balance between the style’s character and the lower alcohol content. Drinkability is a factor in the overall balance of these beers. Beer should not exceed 5 percent ABV.
ABV: 3.0 – 5.0%    IBU: 10 – 35    SRM: 2 – 100

Food Pairings: Burgers, salads, french fries
Cheese Pairings: Light to medium cheeses
Glassware: Pint glass


  • 4 Mile Brewing – Tangerine Session Ale
  • Andina Brewing – Carreta Session IPA
  • Black Kettle Brewing – Session Ale
  • BNA Brewing – BNA Air ISA
  • Bridge Brewing – Primetime IPA
  • Boombox Brewing – Subsonic IPA
  • Central City – Red Racer Session IPA
  • Coast Mountain -Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny hazy IPA
  • Container Brewing – Ideal
  • Copper Brewing – West Coast IPL
  • Electric Bicycle Brewing – That Was Easy
  • Fernie Brewing Co– Slingshot Session IPA
  • Four Winds Brewing – Featherweight IPA
  • Howe Sound Brewing – Precipice East Coast Table Beer
  • Mariner Brewing – Low Gravity Series 
  • Mighty Peace Brewing – The Village Idiot ISA
  • House of Funk – Valhalla V4 – Kveik Session IPA
  • North Point Brewing – Simple Pleasures Session IPL
  • Phillips Brewing – Tiger Shark Pale Ale
  • R&B Brewing – Beer Island ISA
  • Rustic Reel Brewing – Easy IPA
  • Small Block – Dagmar ISA
  • Sooke Oceanside Brewing – Saseenos Session Ale
  • Strange Fellows Brewing – Talisman
  • Steel & Oak Brewing – Beer Beep IPA 
  • Torchlight – Hoplite ISA
  • Tofino Brewing – Tuff Session Ale
  • Whistler Brewing – Mighty 90 Pale ale


ORDINARY:  Low gravity, low alcohol levels, and low carbonation make this an easy-drinking session beer. Low to moderate malt aroma, often (but not always) with a light caramel quality. Hop aroma can range from moderate to none, typically with a floral, earthy, resiny, and/or fruity character.
ABV: 2.4%-3.3%  IBU:20 – 35  SRM:5-12
BEST/SPECIAL: A flavourful, yet refreshing, session beer. Low to moderate malt aroma, with a low to medium-low caramel quality, bready, biscuit, or lightly toasty.  Mild to moderate fruitiness with hop aromas ranging from moderate to none, typically with a floral, earthy, resiny, and/or fruity character. Pale amber to medium copper colour. Good to brilliant clarity. Medium to moderately high bitterness. Moderate to low hop flavour, typically with an earthy, resiny, fruity, and/or floral character. Dry finish.
ABV: 3.3% – 3.8%   IBU: 28 – 40  SRM: 6-14
EXTRA SPECIAL: An average-strength to moderately strong British bitter ale. The balance may be fairly even between malt and hops to somewhat bitter. Hop aroma is moderate, typically with a floral, earthy, resiny, and/or fruity character. Hop bitterness and flavour are noticeable. Medium to medium-high malt aroma, Light amber to deep copper colour. Good to brilliant clarity.Medium-light to medium-full body. Low to moderate carbonation.
ABV: 3.8% – 5.0%  IBU:30-50  SRM:8-18

Food Pairings: Roasted Chicken/Chicken pot pie, Fish & Chips
Cheese Pairings: Firm English cheeses
Glassware: Nonic Pint


  • Angry Hen – Old Bitch Bitter
  • Backroads Brewing – Quafftide ESB
  • Category 12 – Pivotal ESB
  • Container Brewing – Panamax
  • Cumberland Brewing – Just a Little Bitter
  • Driftwood Brewing – Naughty Hildegard ESB
  • Empty Keg Brew House – Stumbles ESB
  • Firehall Brewing – False Alarm Bitter
  • Five Roads Brewing– Jordy Mac’s ESB
  • Foamers Folly – Lavender Earl Grey ESB
  • Howe Sound Brewing ~ Baldwin & Cooper
  • Hoyne Brewing – Appleton ESB
  • Kettle River Brewing – English Subtitles ESB
  • Marten Brewing – Extra Special Bitter
  • Noble Pig Brewhouse – Papa G’s ESB
  • Russell Brewing – Bloody Alley Bitter
  • Salt Spring Island – Extra Special Bitter
  • Silver Valley Brewing  – The Lion ESB
  • Spinnakers Brewpub – Mitchells Extra Special Bitter
  • Steel & Oak ~ West Coast ESB
  • Twin City Brewing – Tickity Boo
  • Twa Dogs – Rebel Run ESB
  • Welton Brewing – Chester Best Bitter 


PALE ALES: A pale, refreshing, and hoppy ale, yet with sufficient supporting malt to make the beer balanced and drinkable. The clean hop presence can reflect classic or modern American or New World hop varieties with a wide range of characteristics. An average-strength hop-forward pale American craft beer, generally balanced to be more accessible than modern American IPAs.Moderate to strong hop aroma from American or New World hop varieties with a wide range of possible characteristics, including citrus, floral, pine, resinous, spicy, tropical fruit, stone fruit, berry, or melon. The Colour is golden to light amber. Moderately large white to off-white head with good retention. Generally, quite clear, although dry-hopped versions may be slightly hazy. Hop flavour and bitterness often linger into the finish, but the aftertaste is generally clean and not harsh.
ABV: 4.5 – 6.2%   IBUs: 30 – 50   SRM: 4 – 14
HAZY PALE ALES: This ale will have less clarity with a low to a high degree of cloudiness because of the additions of oat, wheat, or other adjuncts. Perceived impression of bitterness is soft and may differ from actual measured IBU levels. 
ABV: 4.4 – 5.6%   IBUs: 20 – 40   SRM: 6 – 14

Food Pairings: Roasted/Grilled meats, Apple Pie
Cheese Pairings: Mild or medium Cheddar
Glassware: Tulip 


  • 4 Mile Brewpub – Pale Ale
  • 33 Acres Brewing ~ 33 Acres of Ocean
  • Angry Hen – Pale Ale
  • Backcountry – Trail Breaker Pale Ale
  • Barkerville Brewing – Sluice Juice 
  • Beards Brewing – Pale Beard
  • Beer Farmers – Draft Horse Pale Ale
  • Brassneck Brewing  – Passive Aggressive
  • Container Brewing – Twenty Footer
  • Cumberland – Red Tape Pale Ale
  • Dead Frog Brewing -Double Cross XX
  • Deep Cove Brewers – Method West Coast Pale Ale 
  • East Van Brewing – Kickstart Pale Ale
  • Farm Country Brewing – Free Range Country Ale 
  • Howe Sound Brewing – Sky Pilot Pale Ale
  • Hoyne Brewing – Down Easy Pale Ale
  • Lighthouse Brewing – Tasman Ale
  • Longwood Brewing – Honey Hop Pale Ale 
  • Mariner Brewing Co – Horizon Hoppy Pale Ale
  • Parkside Brewery– Dusk Pale Ale
  • Phillips Brewing  – Blue Buck
  • Powell Brewery – Old Jalopy
  • R&B Brewing – Dude Chilling Pale Ale
  • Red Arrow – Piggy Pale Ale
  • Sherwood Brewing – Skeena West Pale Ale
  • Barley Station ~ Sam McGuire Pale Ale
  • Smithers Brewing – Twin Falls Pale Ale
  • Spinnakers Brewpub  – Northwest Pale Ale
  • Steamworks Brewing – Pale Ale
  • Three Ranges – Derailes Pale Ale
  • Vancouver Island Brewing – Faller Northwest Pale Ale
  • Wheelhouse – Flag Ship Pale
  • White Sails Brewing – Circle Route Hazy ale
  • Whitetooth Brewing – Sickbird Northwest Pale Ale 
  • Yellow Dog Brewing   – Chase My Tail Pale Ale


ENGLISH IPA: Characterized by floral, herbal,  or earthy English hop character.  Medium gold to copper in colour. Medium malt aroma.with medium to high hop bitterness. Should be clear, and with the use of water with high mineral content could result in a crisp, dry beer.
ABV: 5% – 7.1 %   IBU: 35 – 63    SRM: 6-14
WEST COAST IPA: Characterized by floral, fruity, citrus-like, piney or resinous American-variety hop character, the IPA beer style is all about hop flavour, aroma and bitterness. Medium gold to light reddish amber in colour. Low to medium-low clean malt aroma. Prominent hop aroma featuring one or more of the characteristics of North American hops; citrus, flora, pine, resinous, tropical fruit, berry. Should be clear, with unfiltered versions being slightly hazy. White to off-white head with good retention.
ABV: 6.3% – 7.6 %   IBU: 50 – 70    SRM: 6-12
COLD IPA: A new style of IPA that blends the lines between a more traditional IPA and a lighter lager beer. Different yeasts and brewing techniques are paired with the typical high dose of hops found in regular IPAs. The result is a clear and hoppy beer with a light and refreshing body. These IPAs are usually brewed with Pilsner malt and lager yeast. Adjuncts are sometimes used, like rice or corn, to lighten up the body of the beer and allow the beer dry. 
ABV: 5.1-6.3%.  IBU:50 – 70  SRM: 2.5 – 5

Food Pairings: Creamy pasta, Ginger spice cake (ENGLISH IPA)
Cheese Pairings: Aged Cheddar
Glassware: Nonic Pint

Food Pairings: Spicy sushi rolls, Rice pudding (WEST COAST IPA)
Cheese Pairings: Blue cheeses, cheddars
Glassware: Tulip or Nonic Pint


  • 4 Mile Brewpub – Northwest IPA
  • Abandoned Rail – 7 Acre IPA
  • 33 Acres  – 33 Acres of Nirvana
  • Ace Brewing – Jet Fuel IPA
  • Angry Hen – Free Range West Coast IPA
  • Another Beer Co ~ The Cold IPA
  • Backroads Brewing – First Descent NW IPA
  • Bad Tattoo Brewing – West Coast IPA
  • BREWHALL ~ Chillout Cold IPA
  • Bad Dog Brewing – Tire Biter
  • Category 12 – Chromatic West Coast IPA
  • Container Brewing – Forty Footer West Coast IPA
  • Driftwood – Fat Tug IPA
  • Faculty Brewing  – 778 IPA
  • Five Roads Brewing – Permanent Resident IPA Four Winds – Greg IPA
  • Fuggles Beer – Fusion West Coast IPA
  • Howe Sound Brewing – Hop Raiser West Coast IPA
  • Main Street – Naked Fox IPA
  • Iron Road – Loopline IPA
  • Lighthouse Brewing – Shipwreck IPA
  • Luppolo Brewing – Heron After Cold IPA
  • Mayne Island Brewing – The Fog Horn IPA
  • Neighbourhood Brewing – Gambler West Coast IPA
  • Nelson Brewing – Paddywhack IPA
  • OLD Yale Brewing ~ Cold India Pale Ale
  • Persephone Brewing – New Boots IPA
  • R & B Brewing – Vancouver Special IPA 
  • Red Racer – IPA
  • Smugglers Caskworks – Poppy Seed
  • Tapworks – One Sailing Wait 
  • Tofino Brewing – Hoppin’ Cretin IPA
  • Townsite Brewing – Tin Hat IPA
  • Twin Sails – Good Clean Fun
  • Whistle Buoy ~ Cold Caller IPA


A NEIPA (New England-IPA) is an unfiltered IPA or Double IPA that’s been aggressively hopped. Appearance ranges from slightly hazy or cloudy to opaque or muddy. Dry-hopping, the use of high-protein grains (flours, flaked oats, wheat), certain yeast strains, water chemistry, CO2 levels, and other techniques may also contribute to the beer’s haze and mouthfeel. But the overall goal is typically a hazy, juicy IPA packed with fruity and floral flavours, with low bitterness. The fruitiness and haziness are the stars of the show with NEIPAs, so you won’t taste as much of the hoppy-ness or bitterness that’s typically found in an IPA’s flavour.
ABV: 6.3% – 7.5%. IBU: 20-50. SRM: 3-7

Food Pairings: Pineapple marinated dishes, Creme brulee
Cheese Pairings: Goat cheese
Glassware: Nonic Pint/tulip / IPA glass


  • 101 Brewhouse – Tall Faller Hazy IPA
  • Angry Hen Brewing – Willful Ignorance IPA
  • Another Beer Co – Livin’ By The River
  • Backcountry Brewing – Widowmaker IPA
  • Barley Mill Brewpub – Rude Pony NEIPA
  • Brewhall Brewing – Hall Pass IPA
  • Bridge Brewing Company – Sidecut NE-IPA
  • Cannery Brewing – Hop Chowdah NE-IPA
  • Category 12 – Fresh Data IPA
  • Container Brewing -Origin NE IPA
  • Coast Mountain Brewing – Day Dreamer NE-IPA
  • Electric Bicycle Brewing – It’s No Game Hazy IPA
  • Fern + Cedar – Green Mountain Stae NEIPA
  • Howe Sound Brewing – Hazy Daze IPA
  • Longwood Brewing ~ Three Farms Hazy IPA
  • Mariner Beer – North East IPA
  • Parallel 49 Brewing Company – Trash Panda Hazy IPA
  • Rustic Reel Brewing – Hazy IPA
  • Slackwater Brewing – What The Fog NE IPA
  • Small Gods Brewing ~ Viewfinder Hazy IPA
  • Spinnakers Brewpub – Juice Monkey IPA
  • Steamworks Beer – Flagship IPA
  • Steel & Oak – My Type IPA
  • Superflux Brewing – Shape & Colour IPA
  • Twa Dogs – Hazy Mist NE-IPA
  • Twin Sails Brewing – Two Straws Milkshake IPA
  • VI Brewing – Broken Islands Hazy IPA
  • Vice & Virtue – Homewrecker Hazy IPA
  • Wild Eye Brewing – Hazy IPA
  • Yellow Dog Brewing – High Five Hazy IPA


DIPA or Imperial IPAs are gold to light orange-copper. Good clarity although unfiltered dry-hopped versions may be a bit hazy. Moderate-sized, persistent, white to off-white head. Hop aroma and flavour should be fresh and evident, from any variety of hops. A prominent to intense hop aroma that typically showcases American or New World hop characteristics (citrus, floral, pine, resinous, spicy, tropical fruit, stone fruit, berry, melon, etc.). Most versions are dry-hopped and can have an additional resinous or grassy aroma, Malt character is low to high. Hop bitterness is very high but not harsh. The alcohol content is notably evident. The body is medium-high to full. The intention of this style of beer is to exhibit the fresh and evident character of hops.
ABV: 6.0- 9.6%.  IBU: 60-110.  SRM: 4-18

Food Pairings: Pork Chops, Miso salmon, carrot cake
Cheese Pairings: Rich cheeses
Glassware: Tulip / IPA glass


  • Andina Brewing – FronDosa DIPA
  • Another Beer Co – Do Tell DDH Double IPA
  • Arrowhead Brewing Company – I’m so Freaking Hoppy!
  • Bad Dog Brewing – Dizzy Dogs DBL IPA
  • Barkerville Brewing Co.– High Stakes
  • Barnside Brewing Co – Distant Storm DIPA
  • Beere Brewing – Mental Floss
  • Boombox Brewing – Synth Wave DIPA
  • Category 12 – Subversion
  • Central City Brewing – Imperial IPA
  • Deep Cove Brewers + Distillers – Dry Dock DIPA
  • Driftwood Brewery – Twenty Pounder
  • Highway 97 – Dirt Road DIPA
  • Iron Road Brewing – Laplander DIPA
  • Lighthouse Brewing Company– Numbskull DIPA
  • Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. – Amnesiac
  • Red Arrow Brewing – Hop Shop Imperial
  • Small Gods ~ Bay of Noon
  • Strathcona Beer Company – Head Banger Triple IPA
  • Superflux Brewing ~ Velvetone DIPA
  • Tofino Brewing Company – Cosmic Wave
  • Twa Dogs – Cloud Chamber DIPA


AMERICAN AMBER ALE is named after the golden to amber colour this American version of English pale ale exhibits. The colour is derived from the use of caramel and crystal malt additions, which are roasted to provide amber beers with the colour, body, and flavour many beer fans have come to appreciate. Falling under the ale beer type, amber ales ferment at warmer temperatures for what is typically a much shorter amount of time than lager-style beers.
 ABV 4.4 – 6.1. IBU: 25-45.  SRM. 11-18
IRISH-STYLE RED ALE is a balanced beer that uses a moderate amount of kilned malts and roasted barley in the recipe, which gives the beer the colour for which it is named. Featuring an approachable hop bitterness that rests on the palate, this typically amber-coloured beer is brewed as a lager or an ale, and can often have a medium, candy-like caramel malt sweetness. This style may contain adjuncts such as corn, rice, and sugar, which help dry out the beer’s finish and lessen the body. It also often contains roasted barley, lending low roasted notes, darker colour, and the possible creation of a tan collar of foam on top. With notes of caramel, toffee, and sometimes low-level diacetyl (butter), think of the Irish red ale beer style as a cousin to lightly-toasted and buttered bread.
ABV: 4.0 – 4.8. IBU. 25-45. SRM 8 -18

Food Pairings: BBQ, roasted vegetables, poached desserts
Cheese Pairings: Medium cheddar
Glassware: Nonic Pint / Tulip


  • Bad Dog Brewing Company.~ ‘Old Red’ Ale.
  • Barkerville Brewing Co.~ 18 Karat Ale.
  • Barn Owl Brewing ~ Breaking Bread Amber Ale 
  • Beach Fire Brewing – Ember Red Ale
  • Brassneck Brewery – Mr Personality
  • Bricklayer Brewing ~ Little Red Corvette Honey Red Ale
  • Bridge Brewing – Ambleside Amber Ale
  • Cannery Brewing ~ Anarchist Amber Ale
  • Cliffside Brewing ~ Plaid Jacket Red Ale
  • Coast Mountain – Fire Steel Red
  • Copper Brewing – Red Ale
  • Crannog Ales – Red Branch Irish Red
  • Crossroads – Cinder Red Rye Ale
  • Dog Mountain Brewing ~ Red Yeti
  • Fernie Brewing  – Big Caboose Red
  • Firehall Brewery  – Stoked Ember
  • Flashback Brewing – My red Mac Red Ale
  • Gladstone – Red Ale
  • Highway 97 – Amber Ale
  • Kettle River Brewing – Cougar’s Hand Red Ale
  • Lakesider Brewing  – Sunburn! Amber Ale
  • Lighthouse Brewing -Race Rocks Amber Ale 
  • Longwood Brewery  – Imperial Red Harvest Ale
  • Maple Meadows – Dark Red
  • Marten Brewpub – Rough & Dirty Red Ale
  • Nelson  Brewing – Wildhoney Ale
  • Parallel 49 Brewing – Ruby Tears 
  • Red Truck Brewing – Round Trip Amber Ale
  •  Rustic Reel – Spiced Amber Ae    
  • Sherwood Mountain – Lava Bed Red Ale
  • Steamworks – Heroica Red Ale
  • Three Ranges Sacrifice Red Ale
  • Unleashed Brewing ~ Fuggly Dog Irish Red


ENGLISH BROWN: These ales are copper to brown. Roast malt tones may sometimes contribute a biscuit/toasted character to the aroma profile. Also notes of toasted nit and chocolate characteristics.  Hop aroma and flavour are very low, especially compared to the American versions. The body is medium.
ABV: 4.2-5.5%.  IBU: 15-25   SRM: 12-20
AMERICAN – STYLE BROWN: These ales are deep copper to very dark brown. Roasted malt, caramel, and chocolate-like flavours. . These malt flavours will be of medium intensity. This style also has low to medium hop flavour and aroma but can have a high hop bitterness. 
ABV: 4.3-6.3%.  IBU: 25-45   SRM: 15-26

Food Pairings: Grilled or roasted  meats and vegetables, nuts
Cheese Pairings: Aged Gouda
Glassware: Nonic Pint


  • 4 Mile Brew Pub – Brown Ale
  • Barkerville Brewing Co. – Hound of Barkerville
  • Barnside Brewing – Crescent Island Brown 
  • Barley Mills BrewPub – Nite Mare Brown Ale
  • Cannery Brewing – Naramata Nut Brown
  • Coast Mountain Brewing – Woodnutt Brown 
  • Container – Three-legged Mare
  • Copper Brewing – Nut Brown Ale
  • Crossroads Brewing – George St Brown
  • Dead Frog Brewing – Nut Brown Ale 
  • East Van Brewing – Humble Hive
  • Fernie Brewing Company – First Trax
  • Fox Mountain – Deerstalker Nut Brown
  • Freddys Brewpub – Sanbagger Brown Ale 
  • Howe Sound Brewing – Rail Ale Nut Brown
  • Mariner Brewing – Afterglow Brown Ale
  • Moody Ales & Co ~ Amarillo Brown
  • Mt. Begbie Brewing Co.– Tall Timber
  • Nelson Brewing Company – After Dark Brown
  • North Paw Brewing – Howay The Lads Brown Ale
  • Rustic Reel – Brown Ale 
  • Smithers Brewing – Bootlegger Brown Ale 
  • Spinnakers Brewpub – Nut Brown Ale
  • Tinhouse Brewing – Work Boots Brown Ale
  • Welton Brewing – Blacon Brown Ale
  • Wheelhouse Brewing Company – Blacksmith Brown Ale


COFFEE: Beers are pale to black depending on the style. They use coffee in any of its forms to create a distinct and balanced character. Coffee beer can be either a lager or an ale beerHop aroma is low to high depending on the style. Medium-low to medium malt sweetness helps accent balanced coffee flavour and aromas. Brewers may steep the beans in either water or beer to impart java flavour while avoiding too much acidity.
ABV: 2.5-12%  IBU: 15-45  SRM: 4-50
CHOCOLATE:  Beers can be ale or lager styles that benefit from the addition of chocolate or cocoa. They are light brown to black depending on the underlying style. Chocolate Beers are any beers using “dark” chocolate or cocoa in any of its forms other than or in addition to hops
ABV: 2.5-12%  IBU: 15-40  SRM: 12-50

Food Pairings: Mole, Raspberry Torte
Cheese pairings: Aged goat cheese
Glassware: Snifter


  • Backroads Brewing ~ Layer Cake Chocolate Cherry Stout
  • Bad Dog Brewing – Coco Chocolate Ale
  • Bad Tattoo Brewing ~ Peanut Butter & Chocolate Porter
  • Barkerville Brewing ~ Cabin Fever
  • Beacon Brewing ~ Peanut Butter Cup Porter
  • BNA Brewing ~ Otis
  • Brassneck Brewery – Magic Beans Coffee Beer
  • Container Brewing – Depravity
  • Crossroads Brewing ~ Sexy Beast Chocolate Raspberry Porter
  • Dead Frog Brewery – Vanilla Coffee Porter
  • Deep Cove Brewers + Distillers – Ethical Bean Coffee Blonde Ale 
  • Faculty Brewing – 689 Coffee Porter
  • Farm Country Brewing – Udderly Delicious Chocolate Hazelnut Ale
  • Foamers Folly – Equilibrium Imperial Coffee Milk Stout
  • Highway 97 – Salted Chocolate Porter
  • Hoyne Brewing Company – Voltage Espresso Stout
  • Kettle River Brewing – Under The Weather Chocolate Milk Stout
  • Lighthouse Brewing – Nightwatch Coffee Lager
  • Longwood Brewery ~ Cake Chocolate Raspberry Stout
  • Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. – Dark Side of the Stoke
  • Nelson Brewing ~ Hibernaculum Chocolate Raspberry Pastry Stout 
  • New Tradition – Cherry Me Home – Dark Chocolate Cherry Stout
  • Off The Rail ~ Big Chonk Peanut Butter Brownie Porter
  • Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. – Longboat Chocolate Porter
  • Rustic Reel – Nitro Coffee Stout
  • Salt Spring Island – Chocolate Sea Salt Stout
  • Silver Valley – Super Massive Black Hole Coffee Bourbon Stout
  • SmugglersTrail Caskworks – Black Gold Coffee Stout
  • Steel & Oak – First Press Coffee Stout
  • Steamworks Brewery ~ Salted Chocolate Porter
  • Tin Whistle Brewing Company – Chocolate Cherry Porter
  • Townsite Brewing ~ Century Grove Chocolate Espresso Stout
  • Trading Post Brewing – Three Bears Breakfast Stout
  • Trench Brewing – Chocolate Porter
  • Twin Sails ~ Cookie Jar Oatmeal Fudge Stout
  • Wild Eye Brewing – Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Stout


AMERICAN: A fairly strong, highly roasted, bitter, hoppy dark stout. Has the body and dark flavours typical of stouts with a more aggressive American hop character and bitterness.Moderate to strong aroma of roasted malts, often having a roasted coffee or dark chocolate quality. Generally, a jet-black colour, although some may appear very dark brown. Large, persistent head of light tan to light brown in colour. Usually opaque.
ABV: 5% –8.9%  IBU: 35-60  SRM: 40-45
OATMEAL: A very dark, full-bodied, roasty and malty ale with a complementary oatmeal flavour. Mild roasted grain aromas, generally with a coffee-like character. Hop aroma medium-low to none, earthy or floral. : Medium brown to black in colour. Thick, creamy, persistent tan- to brown-coloured head. Mild roasted coffee to coffee-and-cream flavour.Medium-full to full body, with a smooth, silky, velvety, sometimes an almost oily slickness from the oatmeal. Creamy. Medium to medium-high carbonation.
ABV: 3.8% –6%  IBU: 20-40  SRM: 22-50

Food pairings: Grilled meats, Chicken mole, Coffee Cake 
Cheese pairings: Sharp & aged Cheddars
Glassware: Nonic Pint, Tulip


  • 4 Mile Brew Pub – Oatmeal Stout
  • Angry Hen Brewing – Dry Irish Stout
  • Another Beer Co – Tactical Turtleneck
  • Bad Tattoo Brewing – Full-Sleeve Strong Stout
  • Barkerville Brewing Co. – 52-Foot Stout
  • Barley Mill Brewpub – Pen City Oatmeal Stout
  • Beards Brewing – Black Beard Oatmeal Stout
  • Black Kettle Brewing Co. – Keep The Lights Out
  • Bulkley Valley ~ Ullr’s Oat Stout
  • Category 12 – Super Symmetry
  • Cannery Brewing – Darkling Oatmeal Stout
  • Copper Brewing ~ S’Mores Stout
  • Crannóg Ales – Back Hand of God
  • Cumberland Brewing Company – Dancing Linebacker Oatmeal Stout
  • Deep Cove Brewers + Distillers – The Crawl
  • East Van Brewing  – Unholy One Stout 
  • Fox Mountain – Shiney Badger stout
  • Howe Sound Brewing – Diamond Head Oatmeal Stout
  • Lighthouse Brewing Co – Keeper Stout
  • Lillooet Brewing Co ~ Spotted Bat Stout
  • Old Yale Brewing – Sasquatch Stout
  • Parkside Brewing – Nitro Button Stout
  • Persephone Brewing – Dry Stout
  • R&B Brewing – Dark Star Oatmeal Stout
  • Rusted Rake ~ The Two Louies
  • Sherwood Brewing – Seven Sisters Stout
  • Shoreline Brewing – Dead Calm Oatmeal Stout
  • Sooke Oceanside Brewery – Reena O’Reilly Dry Irish Stout
  • Steamworks Beer – Nitro Oatmeal Stout
  • Strange Fellows ~ Blackmail 
  • Storm Brewing – Black Plague Stout
  • Three Ranges – Unkindness Oatmeal Stout
  • Trench Brewing – Six Mile Stout
  • Townsite Brewing– Perfect Storm
  • White Sails – Shack Island Stout
  • Wild Ambition– ~ Antediluvian Pre-War Stout


An intensely-flavoured, big, dark ale with a wide range of flavour balances. Roasty malt with deep dark or dried fruit flavours, and a warming, bittersweet finish.Rich and complex, with variable amounts of roasted grains, maltiness, fruity esters, hops, and alcohol. The roasted malt character can take on coffee, dark chocolate, or slightly burnt tones and can be light to moderately strong. Aged versions may have a slight vinous or port-like quality. Colour may range from very dark reddish-brown to jet black. Opaque. Deep tan to dark brown head. Generally has a well-formed head, although head retention may be low to moderate.
ABV: 8-12%  IBU: 50-90  SRM: 30-40

Food pairings: beef dishes, steak, chocolate truffles
Cheese Pairings: Aged ( but not sharp) Cheeses, Camembert, Brie
Glassware: Snifter / Spiegelau stout glass 

SOME SUGGESTIONS, (dig through your cellar!)

  • Barnside Brewing – Imperial Oatmeal Stout
  • Brassneck – Inertia
  • Category 12 – Quantum
  • Container Brewing – Seawise Giant Imperial Stout
  • Dead Frog Brewing – Commander (any year)
  • Driftwood Brewery –  Singularity (any year)
  • East Vancouver Brewing – Sustenance Imperial Stout
  • Four Winds Brewing – Boreas
  • Herald Street – Robuster Russian Imperial Stout
  • Howe Sound Brewing – Pot Hole Filler / Mega Destroyer
  • Ile Sauvage – Debutante
  • Jackknife Brewing – Hammer of Doom – Canadian Imperial Stout
  • Lighthouse Brewing – Depth Charge
  • Longwood Brewery – BBA Triple Stout (barrel aged)
  • New Tradition Brewing – Black is Beautiful Imperial Stout
  • Parallel 49 Brewing – Russian Imperial Stout
  • Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. – Hammer Imperial Stout
  • R&B Brewing – Ursos Arctos RIS (2018, 2019)
  • Red Truck Brewing – Totality Imperial Stout
  • Russell Brewing – Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
  • Spinnakers Brewpub – Titanic
  • Steel & Oak – Second Press Imperial Coffee Stout
  • Strange Fellows – Boris RIS


PORTER: A malty dark beer with a complex and flavourful dark malt character.Medium-light to medium-strong dark malt aroma, often with a lightly burnt character. Hop aroma low to high, often with a resiny, earthy, or floral character. Medium brown to almost black, often with ruby- or garnet-like highlights. Full, tan-coloured head with moderately good head retention.Medium to medium-full body. 
ABV: 4.8 % – 6.5%  IBU: 25 -50  SRM: 22 – 40
BALTIC: A very high alcohol, sweet, robust porter that originated in the Baltic states. Baltic Porter reflects both the character of original British Porters and the character of sweeter, highly alcoholic Russian Imperial Stouts. Full-bodied. Smooth. Aged alcohol warmth. The sweet, malty, roasted flavour stops short of burnt. Med to low bitterness. Dark fruits, caramel, toffee or currant flavours add to the complexity. Med to med-high carbonation.
ABV: 5.5% – 9.5%   IBU: 20 – 40  SRM: 17 – 30
ROBUST: The Robust Porter features more bitter and roasted malt flavour than a brown porter, but not quite as much as a stout. Robust porters have a roast malt flavour, often reminiscent of cocoa, but no roast barley flavour. Their caramel and malty sweetness is in harmony with the sharp bitterness of black malt. Hop bitterness is evident. 
ABV: 5.1-6.6%.  IBU: 25-40. SRM: 30-40

Food Pairings: Grilled meats, Chocolate peanut butter cookies, S’mores
Cheese pairings: Gruyere, Aged Gouda
Glassware: Nonic Pint


  • 101 Brewhouse – Outboard Motor Oatmeal Porter
  • A-Frame – Magic Lake Porter
  • Barn Owl Brewing – Espresso Night Owl
  • Barnside Brewing – Oat Porter
  • Beacon Brewing ~ Peanut Butter Cup Porter
  • Camp Beer Co – Hunters Cove Baltic Porter
  • Cliffside Brewing ~Luna Porter
  • Dageraad – Londen Porter
  • Dead Frog – Pineapple Midnight Tropical Porter
  • Driftwood Brewing – Blackstone Porter
  • Empty Keg Brew House – Fog Breather Porter
  • Fernie Brewing – Sap Sucker Maple Porter
  • Fernie Brewing – Baltic Porter
  • Field House – Salted Black Porter
  • Fisher Peak Brewery ~ Dark Stormy Porter
  • Flashback Brewing – Black Vinyl Porter 
  • Foamers Folly – Black Snake Porter
  • Four Winds Brewing – Oat Porter
  • Fox Mountain – Ullr’s Coconut Porter
  • Gladstone Brewing ~ Porter
  • Howe Sound Brewing – Robust Porter
  • Kelowna Brewing Co – Very English Porter 
  • Red Bird Brewing – Paramount Porter
  • Torchlight – Led Sled Porter
  • Townsite Brewing  – Pow Town Porter
  • Powell Brewery – Dive Bomb Porter
  • Salt Spring Island – Dry Porter
  • Slackwater Brewing – Deepwater American Porter
  • Steamworks Brewing – Salted Chocolate Porter
  • Sooke Oceanside Brewing ~ Beach Bear Baltic
  • Studio Brewing – Concrete Overcoat Imperial Porter
  • Three Ranges – Snow Dance Porter
  • Tin Whistle~ Killer Bee Porter
  • Twa Dogs – Holy Willies Robust Porter
  • Wildeye Brewing ~ Embers Oak-Smoked Porter
  • Wolf Brewing – Porter
  • Yellow Dog Brewing – Shake a Paw Smoked Porter


A malt-focused, caramelly beer with occasionally a butterscotch aftertaste.Deeply malty, with a strong caramel component. Hops only to balance and support the malt. The malt character can range from dry and grainy to rich, toasty, and caramel. Medium to high malt character with a luscious malt complexity, often with nutty, caramel and/or molasses-like flavours.
SCOTCH /WEE HEAVY: This ale is overwhelmingly malty, with a rich and dominant sweet malt flavour and aroma. A caramel character is often part of the profile. Some examples feature a lightly smoked peat flavour. This style could be considered the Scottish version of an English-Style Barleywine.
ABV: 6.2-8.5%  IBU: 25-35  SRM:15 -30
SCOTTISH: This ale will vary depending on strength and flavour, but in general retain a malt-forward character with some degree of caramel-like malt flavours and a soft and chewy mouthfeel. Hops do not play a huge role in this style. Some examples feature a lightly smoked peat flavour. Hops do not play a huge role in this style.
ABV: 2.8% – 5.3%  IBU: 9-25  SRM:6-19

Food Pairings: Meats and Game, Creamy desserts with fruit
Cheese Pairings: Pungent cheeses
Glassware: Thistle


  • Angry Hen Brewing – Tartan Scotch Ale
  • Batch 44 Brewery – Frosty Morning Scottish Ale
  • Callister Brewing – Wee Laird Barrel Aged Wee Heavy
  • Empty Keg Brew House – Kilt Lifter Scottish 80
  • Fisher Peak Brewing – Hell Roaring Scottish Ale 
  • Lighthouse Brewing – Anchors Aweigh Wee Heavy
  • Mt. Begbie Brewing Co.- Brave Liver Scotch Ale 
  • Parallel 49 Brewing Company  – Salty Scot
  • Persephone Brewing Company – Wee Heavy Scotch
  • Russell Brewing Company ~Angry Scotch Ale
  • Sooke Oceanside Brewing – Fight In The Dog Scotch Ale
  • Spinnakers Brewpub – Jameson’s Scottish Ale
  • Swans Hotel & Brewpub – Regal Standard Wee Heavy
  • Storm Brewing – Highland Scottish Ale
  • Welton Brewing – The Highlander Scotch Ale
  • Wolf Brewing Company – Scotch Ale


AMERICAN: American barley wine ranges in colour from amber to deep copperA well-hopped American interpretation of the richest and strongest of the English ales. The hop character should be evident throughout but does not have to be unbalanced. The alcohol strength and hop bitterness often combine to leave a very long finish.
ABV:8.5-12%  IBU-60-100  SRM: 11-18
ENGLISH: A showcase of malty richness and complex, intense flavours. Chewy and rich in body, with warming alcohol and a pleasant fruity or hoppy interest. When aged, it can take on port-like flavours. Ages well and develops over time. A wintertime sipper.
ABV: 8-12%  IBU: 40-60  SRM:14-22
BARREL-AGED: A harmonious blend of the base beer style with characteristics from ageing in contact with wood,(including alcoholic products previously in contact with the wood). The best examples will be smooth, flavourful, well-balanced and well-aged. A low to moderate wood- or oak-based aroma is usually present. Other aromatics often include a low to moderate vanilla, caramel, toffee, toast, or cocoa character, as well as any aromatics associated with alcohol (distilled spirits, wine, etc.) previously stored in the wood.
ABV: varies IBU: varies SRM:varies-usually darker than base style

Food Pairings: Duck, Dark chocolate
Cheese Pairings: English Stilton, strong blue cheeses
Glassware: Snifter

SOME SUGGESTIONS: ( Dig through your cellar-any year will work!)

  • BREWHALL – Gin Barrel aged IPA
  • Category 12 – Dichotomy, Archival (2020, 2021)
  • Central City Brewers + Distillers – Thor’s Hammer
  • Copper Brewing – Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
  • Driftwood Brewery – Old Cellar Dweller
  • Fernie Brewing – Barrel–Aged Schwarzbier,
  • Fernie Brewing ~ Barrel-Aged Belgian Stout
  • Five Roads Brewing – Memory Lane Barley Wine 
  • Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co. – Brass Monkey
  • Howe Sound Brewing – Woolly Bugger
  • Howe Sound Brewing – Hollow Leg Barrel-Aged Stout
  • Parallel 49 Brewing Company – Barley Wine
  • Persephone Brewing Company – Barley Wine
  • Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. – Trainwreck
  • Red Collar Brewing  – Wobbly Bob
  • Red Truck Brewing – Blackberry Bourbon Ale
  • Sooke Brewing Co – Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine 
  • Steamworks Brewing ~ Scarlet
  • Strange Fellows Brewing – Wayfarer Barleywine
  • Townsite Brewing – Barrel-Aged Cardena
  • Twa Dogs – Parting Kiss Bourbon Barrel Aged
  • Wild Ambition – Suggestion of Dark Places /Re Invigoarated/ Cadaver Synod


AUTUMN:  These are beers that suggest cool weather and the autumn harvest season and may include pumpkin or other squashes, and the associated spices. An amber to copper, spiced beer that often has a moderately rich body and slightly warming finish suggests a good accompaniment for the cool fall season, and Thanksgiving traditions. Many examples are reminiscent of pumpkin pie. Additional fermentables (e.g., brown sugar, honey, molasses, maple syrup, etc.) may lend their own unique aromatics.
PUMPKIN:  Perhaps the most seasonal of seasonal beers, the pumpkin beer style can be brewed with pumpkin, just pumpkin spices, or even winter squash. Since the fruit does not have much of a taste by itself, many craft brewers have taken to adding spices typically found in pumpkin pie, like cinnamon and clove. However, these flavours should not overpower the beer. Pumpkins can be found in everything from stouts to pale ales and pilsners.
ABV: 2.3 – 12%   IBU: 5 – 70.  SRM: 5 -50

Food pairings: Roasted turkey, Coffee flavoured desserts
Cheese pairings: Camembert
Glassware: Tulip


  • 4 Mile Brewing – Sweet Potato Harvest Spiced Ale
  • 5 Roads Brewing ~ Pumpkin Stout 
  • Copper Brewing ~ Pumpkin Spice Latter Nitro Stout
  • Crannóg Ales – Maniacal Jack Pumpkin
  • Fernie Brewing Company – Pumpkin Head Brown Ale
  • Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co.– Robbie B’s Double Pumpkin
  • Howe Sound Brewing – Pumpkineater
  • Howl Brewing – Spiced Pumpkin Porter
  • Ile Sauvage – La Tarte Brown Ale w/Pumpkin
  • Longwood Brewery – Full Batch Pumpkin Saison
  • The Moon Under Water Brewery & Pub – Pumpkin Pearzen
  • Nelson Brewing Company – Pumpkin
  • Parallel 49 Brewing Company – Lost Souls / Schadenfreude
  • Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.- Crooked Tooth Pumpkin
  • Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.– Crookeder Tooth Pumpkin
  • R&B Brewing ~ Porch Ornament
  • Red Collar Brewing – Squash Gourdon
  • Russell Brewing – Pumpkin Spice Latte Blonde Ale
  • Shore Line Brewing ~ Smashing Pumpkin
  • Silver Valley Brewing – Ghosts Pumpkin Spiced Latte Milk Stout
  • Steamworks – Pumpkin Ale
  • Torchlight Brewing Co.– Full Patch Pumpkin
  • Whistler Brewing Company – Valley Trail Chestnut Ale